Tuition & Policy

Parent will get all programs tuition chart when visit us. There are some general information below:

Registration fees $70 is non-refundable

  • Annual registration fees are for all students
  • If child enrolls after June 1st. Parents don't need to pay another $50 registration fee for the following school year. 
  • Registration fees apply for any program in BSA within a school year


  • BSA require parents pay deposit when kids officially enrolls a certain program. Deposit is non-refundable if withdraw before your child's the first school day.
  • One month tuition per student for the all programs. Students get 100% refundable deposit with a contracted school year.
  • BSA plans for children to attend on their contracted days.  Unfortunately, we don't provide make up days for part time children who are contracted for specific days.


  • Tuition is due the 2nd day of each month. If the due day falls on a holiday, tuition is due by the end of month.
  • Tuition of week-day programs are non-refundable.
  • Tuition for quarterly classes--A 50% tuition is available for withdrawal during the second week. No refund is available after the third week.


Sibling discount:

  • 5% off for sibling who sign up for the same program


Trial class:

  • No trial class for full day program students. School provide an orientation day for kids and parents to get familier with classroom teachers and peers.
  • One free trial class for enrichment classes, quarterly classes and Chinese immersion class. 


Make-up lessons for quarterly class: 

  • If a class is cancelled by instructor: The instructor will arrange a make-up lesson.
  • If a class is cancelled by student: No make-up lesson.



School age student drop-in during school break days:

  •  Please contact us for detail information.


Bounced check:

  • $35 service fee is charged for each bounced check.


School closure and related policy:

  • For weather-related closures and late-starts, we follows the Bellevue School District. Please refer to public school district' announcements or king5news during times of inclement weather. BSA may close early if a severe weather forecasted. If no report from at that time, you can visit our homepage for snow or severe weather closure announcements.
  • Tuition is not refundable due to the weather closure for students who enrolled daily program.
  • Extra-care or drop-in fee is refundable
  • Make up lesson is only provided for quarterly students